Promoting beauty and civic pride throughout De Pere

Our goal is to infuse beauty and civic pride into our community. We believe promoting beautification will increase the quality of life for all citizens. This has been our mission for 30+ years.  We know this organized approach to enhance the city has provided the opportunity to become involved with, and to attract people to our downtown.

Keeping De Pere Beautiful

Our main goal is to keep the pots and gardens of De Pere looking attractive.  However, we also keep the Fox River Trail (the downtown portion) clean and well maintained.  We know that this is an important selling point to keep visitors coming back again and again.

The Beautification Committee works to present a consistent theme throughout the city.  We do this annually by planning and creating beds and pots designed to thrive in our urban environment, including seasonal decorations.  We also decorate the pots, after the growing season, in a winter theme.  

The De Pere Beautification Committee has been instrumental in making our city a charming place that people enjoy and like to visit.  We are proud of the work we do, and we believe it shows.

Your donation helps us to purchase 1000’s of flowers each year for the pots and flower beds throughout De Pere.

Help plant the flower beds and pots in spring and help weed the beds during the growing months. It’s easy, just a couple of hours each month!

If you are a local group or
business, Adopt-a-Bed or
Round-About, and keep it weeded throughout the growing season. It’s very rewarding!

Help with the planning of our seasonal themes.

Help Us Keep De Pere Beautiful

There are many ways to get involved in keeping our city beautiful!  This is a year-round endeavor.  We have a committee that does the planning, especially in terms of theme, design and selection of plants. 

When spring arrives we are busy planting the gardens and pots.  Next is upkeep of weeding throughout the summer. Once summer ends, we change the pots out for the holiday season with evergreen boughs and decorations.  Although it sounds like a lot of time, you can volunteer as little as 1 hour every three weeks.  

If any of the above sounds interesting, joining a committee will give you voice to planning of our seasonal themes. Remember, we are a village, and all voices are appreciated!

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world: indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”


Memorial Pots

Have you a loved one that has passed or is there someone you would like to honor? The De Pere Beautification Committee has Garden Stakes for purchase. The Garden Stake will be placed in one of the memorial pots, (you designate East or West De Pere). It will have the name of the person to be honored and will remain there for the season. At the end of the year, you will receive the garden stake.

Are You Outdoors-y?

Volunteering is an excellent way to help beautify our city. We can always use many hands and heads in the designing and planning of the color themes and schemes to be used.  Next comes the actual planting and tending to the beds throughout the city.  Once planted, it only takes a couple hours a month for upkeep.


Flower Beds & Pots


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